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Juniors joining our Badminton Club do not have to go to the Castle Hill RSL Club

Juniors who are registering for coaching.

Parents or guardians can fill out our club membership form online here and notify us by email at .

Parents, If you are using the Active Child rebate from the NSW government, you will need to apply first to Services NSW and obtain the voucher number(s) for your children.

Juniors who are graded and joining to play in adult sessions.


Parents or guardians can fill out our club membership form online here and notify us by email at .

Membership - Juniors



1. Membership Fees​ 


Fees - $30

(This includes RSL membership fees of $10.)


2. Session Fees ( to be paid for each session you attend)


Baulkham Hills High School:

Member – $7

Non-Member (Visitor) – $15

Badminton Worx Norwest

Member – $10

Non-Member (Visitor) – $15

Fees -Juniors


1.  Who can join the club sessions?

Juniors who are graded can play at our sessions.


How many games will I get during each social session?

Typical attendance is 20-26 players per session on three courts, so you will be playing for ~50-60% of the total time. Members generally find that this is a good balance between playing and socialising.


What kind of scoring system do you use?

We use the rally point system of scoring for all games. Each game will go to 21 points with no setting if the score reaches 20-20.


What kind of shuttles do you use?

We only use good quality feather shuttles.

FAQ -Junioirs

CHRSLBC Code of Conduct for Junior Players

The Players Code of Conduct applies to all individuals participating in badminton as a player at every level. If the code is breached, this will be acted upon by the Club’s Regulations/Disciplinary Procedures.

Players will

● have fun, act safely and encourage those around me to do the same
● always respect those around me, including my teammates and coaches
● be honest and play fairly in everything they do and never deliberately cheat or be dishonest
● arrive for training and competition on time and tell someone if they can’t come or running late
● listen carefully and follow instructions
● use the correct equipment, clothing and shoes for badminton training and competitions
● always do their best and give 100% effort in whatever they do 


Players will NOT

● eat or drink on the court while playing
● mess around, talk and act inappropriately during training
● make fun or insult those around me both on and off the court (such as on social media),

COC -Juniors
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